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Linde 391 Series Small IC Cushion H16CT EVO / H18CT EVO / H20CT EVO / H20CT-600 EVO 3,500-4,500 lbs. capacity

The new Linde compact 391 Series. These are the smallest models in the Linde IC truck range. The Linde IC LPG engine lift trucks include the models: H16T,18T, 20T, H16CT, 18CT, 20CT, and H20CT-600.

Compact in design, these trucks satisfy big needs capable of handling load capacities from 3,000 up to 4,500 pounds. Versatile in application, their special strengths are appreciated wherever space is limited.

These trucks are extremely economical in operation and upkeep. Whether feeding an assembly line, loading/unloading goods or in a warehouse these compact trucks are reliable and demonstrate exceptional performance.

Where constant stop and go operation can result in excessive wear and tear on brakes and transmissions as well as overheating, Linde has refined the hydrostatic drive system to match these tough working conditions. The design advantages of no transmission, no conventional service brake, and no clutches ensures durability and efficiency.