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Taylor-Dunn C-426 Huskey II AC High Powered Tow Tractor, 30,000 lb Towing Capacity*

The Huskey II AC combines high-powered towing in a compact maneuverable tow tractor, while providing optimal safety, comfort and ease of use. With its 17 hp AC motor coupled with Taylor-Dunn’s own GT drive, the Huskey provides an impressive 30,000 pound gross tow load.

The Huskey II AC is equipped with a cushioned grip steering wheel, hitch with hand release, suspension seating and high visibility position. The operator
enjoys effortless control in tight and narrow spaces with the high ratio steering gear and the 74.5 inch turning radius.

• Ergonomic design for operator comfort
• Maximum visibility for safety
• Fully welded all-steel construction
• Large battery compartment
• Customizable to fit your application

Optional features include cab or overhead guard, left-side battery extract and strobe light.

* Based on Standard Configuration
Actual towing capacity is dependent on application, vehicle configuration, ballast weight, and operating environment.