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Taylor-Dunn TC 30/60 Tiger Cub 3,000 - 6,000 Drawbar Pull

The TC-30/60 Tow Tractor is designed to provide a versatile and highly maneuverable solution for your towing requirements demanding 3,000-6,000 lb (14-27 kN) of drawbar pull.

Available with multiple engine packages, the standard unit is equipped with a gas engine, fully welded steel frame, all-wheel suspension with hydroboost, dual caliper rear disc brakes, and tractor style tires.

Some customizable options are an enclosed cab or overhead guard, hydrostatic steering, and diesel or LPG engine.

This efficient tow tractor has excellent steering capability and durability that will withstand harsh environments while maintaining operator comfort.



• Hydroboost, dual caliper rear disc brakes
• Fully welded steel frame
• Available in gas, diesel or LPG
• Customizable to fit your application