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Doosan 7 Series BBC23 and 28S-7 Burden Carriers 4,400-6,600 lb capacities

Doosan’s Model BBC23 and 28S-7 Burden Carriers are designed to move people and heavy loads efficiently and safely through manufacturing and warehouse environments.

The 48-volt Curtis Controller provides the smooth acceleration and maneuverability necessary to deliver cargo on time. A dual brake system gives you the stopping power required for heavy loads. Standard power steering makes driving effortless and the tilt steering column adjusts to comfortably fit any size operator.

• The standard light package improves visibility for the operator and others.

• A steel load deck can take the punishment of repeated heavy loads.

• A standard passenger seat increases versatility and functionality.

• An optional amber strobe makes everyone aware of the vehicle’s presence.

• Optional side rails and tailgate will help contain the load in the cargo area.

The Doosan BBC23 and 28S-7 Burden Carriers are a cost effective solution for any warehouse or plant that needs to move heavy loads.