"Minutes Away Service" has been Morrisons motto and our approach to getting your equipment up and running as quickly as possible. That's our main reason for establishing full service offices throughout Michigan and Northern Indiana - To reach customers when they need us as, expediently as possible.

Each of the Morrison fleet of over 180 service vehicles is equipped with a full line of parts and diagnostic testing equipment necessary to eliminate time-consuming trouble-shooting of breakdowns.

Systems Analysis

Systems Analysis: A Step Beyond Planned Maintenance

Morrison has taken this well-known maintenance practice to the next step. "The Step Beyond P.M." Systems Analysis is Morrison's answer. We have taken a systematic approach to addressing scheduled maintenance. Performed at scheduled intervals insures our trained technicians identify potential problems before they become major and costly setbacks. Consider the benefits of Morrisons 132 system checks compared to other forms of P.M.

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Total Maintenance and Repair

Total Maintenance: No Surprises

You can get all the benefits of Systems Analysis for your forklifts and warehouse fleet, and in addition, get all designated repairs for one low guaranteed rate. No spiking maintenance costs. Zero surprises.

Total Maintenance and Repair lets you focus on your core business by completely taking your company out of the lift truck maintenance business. As a result, you reduce payroll and insurance expenses, training of mechanics and maintenance scheduling. You also save on capital in tooling requirements and parts inventories. You know your budget. And you reduce risk.

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Tire Press

As the largest provider of forklift tires in the Midwest, we understand replacing tires can be a major inconvenience and a disruption to your production. That is why we are happy to bring our method of replacing tires right to your door via one of our Tire Press Trucks.

So when unplanned tire problems occur, give us a call. A Morrison professional will be taking care of your tire problem on-site, hassle-free, in no time flat.

That's us helping you press on with business!

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Fleet Management

We can help by creating resourceful solutions to assist in getting you out of the lift truck business. Fleet Management involves an intensive analysis of your company's fleet with the objectives of maximizing utilization, retiring high cost units and insuring best practices in application. Morrison Fleet Management will schedule a flexible plan by which you only pay only for what you use.

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Warehouse Services

Planning warehouse changes, getting the most out of your existing warehouse spaces, and finding the pieces and parts to put together an efficient operating facility.

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Operator Training

Morrison Forklift Operator Training provides classroom and hands-on training in the safe handling of forklifts and other industrial equipment. Your operators will gain proven competency in classroom and hands-on training.

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