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Forklift Safety

Morrison Forklift Operator Training provides classroom and hands-on training in the safe handling of forklifts and other industrial equipment. Your operators will gain proven competency in classroom and hands-on training following OSHA regulation 29, CFR 1910.178, "Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training"

Workbooks, classroom discussions, testing, certification and wallet cards are all provided through Safety First! taught at your company location or ours.

"There is a direct correlation between forklift driving skills and forklift repair. We offer a money back guarantee that our operator training program will reduce a company's repair and maintenance costs by 300% above the amount invested in our program. As companies continue to look for ways to make their operation more cost effective, the growing trend will be to professionally train the forklift operator." Dick Morrison

For individuals seeking forklift operator certification:

Morrison Industrial is hired by companies to conduct training,and does not provide generalized courses in forklift operation for individuals.

The Federal OSHA standard regulation (1910.178), and the Michigan OSHA standard (Part 21 - Powered Industrial Trucks) state:
The responsibility to train and authorize forklift operators is that of the employer's.

Legal and proper training must include information regarding the specific lift truck(s) to be qualified to operate, in the specific areas the lift trucks will be operated.

Classroom Training in Forklift Operation, Safety and Awareness

We teach your drivers the safest techniques in responsible lift truck operation as well as awareness of potential dangers in the warehouse. This 3-hour course covers all technical safety aspects, while incorporating fun and encouraging discussion with attendees.

Hands-On Industry-Specific Training

Held in a work environment, Hands-On Trainers spend an hour with up to 10 students, intensely focusing on the proper operation of specific types of powered industrial trucks used in your business.

Train the Trainer

As the title suggests, Morrison "Train the Trainer" courses provide your company trainer with expertise on creating and administering a forklift training program of your own, giving you the tools you need to pass valuable forklift and warehouse safety information on.

We equip your people with certification, preparing them to lead your people through the general coursework. Included are the Forklift Training Instructor's Manual and all materials to certify 10 employees in safe forklift operation.

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