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Nilfisk Advance Liberty Autonomous Scrubber SC50 (X20R) REV and SC50 (X20D) Disk

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Nilfisk Liberty SC50 frees up your staff to do those other important jobs that call for a human touch, while it cleans autonomously for up to six hours on a single charge. It also automatically maps out the most efficient cleaning paths and retraces them every time. So you can clean more space in less time at a lower cost every single day. Plus, you’ll get a text when it’s time for Nilfisk Liberty SC50 to move on to the next task, and you won’t have to think about unnecessary down time either. Nilfisk Liberty SC50 is a fast learner. When it needs to be taught new tricks, you can teach it yourself. You’ll never have to request a service visit just because you find yourself wanting to clean new spaces. Or when circumstances change for any reason – for a while or for good. Just hop on your Nilfisk Liberty SC50, push the button to put it in mapping mode, and you’ll soon be ready to take on something new.

Reliable and Safe: The Liberty SC50 is the only autonomous floor scrubber on the market compliant with CSA/ANSI 336, an OSHA recognized autonomous floorcare safety standard. Size and Run-Time: The agile design allows the machine to react to changes in the environment and maintain autonomous operation without operator intervention. Simplicity:  We added 3 buttons for autonomy.  Record. Play. Stop.  This machine is built for a scrubber operator, not a computer programmer. Fill-in Mode:  The operator drives around the site to-be cleaned once, and the SC50 calculates the most efficient path to clean the interior of that space, avoiding obstacles along the way.  This revolutionary cleaning method is a Nilfisk exclusive.