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Sep 01 2021 4 min read

When to replace, retain, relocate, or retire a forklift

Do you have good visibility into your forklift fleet's status? Have you asked yourself whether a forklift is worth the money you're spending to run it? Have you evaluated your forklifts productivity and decided you might have too many or not exactly the right machine for the job or space they are operating in? Read this article for clarification and call us for some free tools to help in your data analyzing and decision-making process.

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Dec 02 2020 3 min read

Don’t Overlook Forklift Chain Inspections

Each forklift uses chains coupled with hydraulic pressure in order to move the forks up and down. As a result, your forklift’s chains carry the load of thousands of pounds each day. Since they’re so pivotal to the operation of your machine, it’s important that you’re checking them often for signs of excessive wear or breakage.

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