Forklifts Down on the Farm

Farming is hard work. As if dealing with unpredictable weather weren’t enough, there’s the volatile market, the physical demands, and the unpredictability of livestock and crops.  Most farmers embrace technology that makes their job easier and depend on the lifting power of forklift trucks.

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When to replace, retain, relocate, or retire a forklift

Do you have good visibility into your forklift fleet's status? Have you asked yourself whether a forklift is worth the money you're spending to run it? Have you evaluated your forklifts productivity and decided you might have too many or not exactly the right machine for the job or space they are operating in? Read this article for clarification and call us for some free tools to help in your data analyzing and decision-making process.

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Choose the right forklift tires for performance, safety, and efficiency

Forklift tires do more than roll your lift truck around your facility. They also impact operator health, the efficiency of the forklift, and accident prevention.  This article will review the types of forklift tires, the environments each is suited for, and how the right tire selection, use, and replacement can impact your operation.

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