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Total Maintenance and Repair

Focus on your core business.

TM&R lets you focus on your core business by completely taking your company out of the lift truck maintenance business. As a result, you reduce payroll and insurance expenses, training of mechanics and maintenance scheduling. You also save on capital in tooling requirements and parts inventories. You know your budget. And you reduce risk.

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Your cost is fixed and guaranteed.

Would you prefer to know that tomorrow, next month, next year your cost is fixed and guaranteed?

With a TM&R Agreement all maintenance and repair costs of your equipment is covered for a specified period of time. So instead of paying for maintenance or repairs as they are needed, you pay one flat rate to cover all aspects of parts and services.

And your payment is based on your specific application requirements. It can also be combined with a full service lease, which means only one payment that includes the lift truck, maintenance and repair.

Total Maintenance. No surprises.

TM&R provides all the benefits of our Systems Analysis™ planned maintenance program for your forklifts and warehouse fleet plus you get all designated repairs for one low, guaranteed rate. No spiking maintenance costs. Zero surprises.