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We are a B2B material handling equipment dealer helping local manufacturers, distribution centers, warehouses, and growers move, lift, and store products and materials with greater efficiency and higher productivity to accelerate their success.

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We simply make it easier for local businesses to get the material handling equipment, services and support they need to succeed and grow.

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For over 70 years, Morrison Industrial Equipment Co. has provided specialized material handling solutions to a diverse range of industries. Our experienced team understands the unique needs of each sector and customizes equipment and services to enhance efficiency. Whether it's custom pallet racking for manufacturing facilities, reliable forklifts for warehouses, or ergonomic workstations for manufacturers, we partner with each client to maximize productivity.

At Morrison, we recognize that material flow touches every aspect of operations. An optimized system not only improves output, but also ensures the safety of a company's most valuable asset - its people. Our holistic approach assesses each facility to recommend processes tailored to its infrastructure and workforce. We then design and implement customized solutions leveraging our extensive product catalog. From initial consultation to ongoing maintenance, clients have a single point of contact for their material handling needs.

The trust we have built over decades demonstrates our commitment to value and service. While the products we offer are key, it is our focus on understanding customers that enables fruitful, lasting relationships across industries. We invite you to explore our website and contact us to learn more about how Morrison Industrial Equipment can streamline your material handling operations.

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From craft manufacturing to mass production, manufacturering plants handle raw materials and finished products that need to be moved efficiently during various stages of production. Morrison’s regional service network guarantees minimal downtime via emergency repairs, preventative maintenance and operator training.

Warehouse & Distribution

The key to success for warehouses and large distribution centers lies in optimizing storage density, material flows, inventory accuracy, and labor productivity. The Morrison Industrial advantage comes from decades of experience tailoring material handling systems and warehouse layouts for maximum productivity.


Forklifts play a pivotal role across agriculture spanning crop production on farms to food processing and distribution warehouses. Durability and versatility make these lift trucks indispensable for handling all types of loads across rural to commercial environments. Our portfolio of rugged forklifts, telehandlers and utility vehicles empower safe, sustainable operations in outdoor fields as well as indoor facilities.

Lumberyards & Building Supply

Forklifts are vital in lumberyards and building supply stores. They efficiently move heavy materials like lumber, pipes, and bricks, which would be hazardous for workers to move manually. Forklifts safely lift and stack bulky supplies on high shelves. They carefully load customer vehicles as well. By transporting materials that could injure workers, forklifts improve safety. Their speed and reach make organizing inventory more efficient too. From unloading trucks to preparing customer orders, forklifts are indispensable due to their sturdy lifting ability and versatility around the storage yard.


Forklifts are critical on construction sites. Their strong lifting ability and maneuverability efficiently moves heavy materials like bricks, lumber, and pipes. Forklifts safely unload deliveries and lift large items to heights for workers. This prevents dangerous manual handling that could injure workers. Forklifts transport materials wherever needed on site, keeping projects on schedule. By lifting thousands of pounds to heights safely, forklifts play an indispensable role in construction operations and worker safety.

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