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Wire Partitions and Secure Storage

Enhance your workplace security

Whether you need to define work areas, secure valuables, optimize storage space, or create a secure workspace, find the products and expertise you need with Morrison and Cogan.

Cogan specializes in providing wire mesh and sheet metal partitions to protect assets, people, and equipment in factories, warehouses, distribution centers and other industrial settings.

Cogan partitions serve various security, safety and protection purposes. All products are made to order for the customer’s unique requirements. With in-house engineering and manufacturing, Cogan can provide fully customized industrial partitioning solutions.

At Morrison, we provide concept to completion project management for your partition and secure storage projects.

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We work with reliable, quality manufacturers like Cogan and WireCrafters to provide you with products that last a lifetime.

Download this flyer from Cogan to see some great partition and secure storage project ideas!

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Industrial Partitioning Solutions for Safety and Security

Key products include:

General Storage Wire Mesh Partitions
Customizable enclosure systems for securing inventory storage areas
Robotic Cell Guards
Protective fencing to safely separate robotics from human work zones
Rack Guards
Back-of-rack barriers to prevent forklift and pallet damage
Welding Cell Partitions
Metal barriers to contain sparks and spatter in welding areas
Full Height Wire Mesh Partitions
Floor-to-ceiling fencing for secure division of space
Rack Gates
Floor-to-ceiling fencing for secure division of space
Private Office Enclosures
Floor-to-ceiling sheet metal enclosures for on-site offices
Workspace Dividers
Sheet metal or acrylic dividers for workstation separation
Conveyor Guards
Wire mesh shielding to enclose conveyor systems
DEA Drug Storage Enclosures
Secure partitions for controlled substance storage
Art Storage Partitions
Wire mesh fencing to protect fine art pieces
Archive Storage Partitions
Enclosed mesh storage for physical records
Machine Guards
Custom wire mesh guarding configured to equipment specifications
Temporary Barriers
Movable wire mesh barriers for flexible area isolation
Cogan (DEA) Drug Storage Cages
Cogan Wire Mesh Partitions
Cogan Wire Mesh Guards