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Cost-effective expansion.

Installing a mezzanine can be one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the storage capacity and productivity of your warehouse or factory space. Mezzanines essentially create an intermediate floor between the original floor and ceiling, allowing you to utilize the vertical space in your facility rather than expanding outward.

With considerable cost and productivity advantages over conventional expansion methods, a warehouse mezzanine is ideal for efficiently gaining more usable footprint.

At Morrison, we provide concept to completion project management for your mezzanine building project.

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We work with reliable, quality manufacturers like Cogan and MiTek to provide you with products that last a lifetime.

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Key benefits include:

Increased Storage Capacity

A mezzanine can double or even triple your usable square footage for inventory, picking/packing areas, offices and more. The expanded footprint enables support for higher product volume and faster order fulfillment.

Flexible Layouts

Mezzanines can be fully customized to match unique operational needs. Configure space for shelving, racking systems, conveyors, work platforms and custom enclosures. Layouts can also be adjusted over time.

Greater Operational Efficiency

More usable floor area means warehouse associates spend less time traversing the space. A well-planned mezzanine layout can optimize material flows and processes. Operators also gain oversight of more of the facility.

Cost-Effective Expansion

Constructing outward can require significant land development costs. Mezzanines provide substantial additional space at a fraction of the investment, with less disruption than new construction.