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The truth about forklift tires

Aug 01 2023 Tires 2 Min. Read

Good tires can make or break your forklift. Literally.

Have you ever stopped to think how important a forklift’s tires are? They cushion the operator and the entire forklift mechanism from shock, vibration, and bumps. They provide the traction needed to move loads around, even in wet and slippery conditions. Tires can even improve safety in your facility if they’re properly maintained and replaced before they’re worn.

Reasons why you want to replace bad tires.

Maybe it seems like too much hassle and expense to replace a forklift’s tires. But that’s just not true. Here’s the truth: tires that are in good condition will save you money and time in the long run. In fact, there are many benefits of replacing forklift tires. Here are a few:

You will lower operating cost.


  1. You’ll get better fuel efficiency. Just like new tires on a car provide better fuel economy, new forklift tires provide a smoother ride that reduces fuel consumption and increases efficiency in both electric and internal combustion forklifts.
  2. Your equipment will last longer, and you’ll keep maintenance costs down. Good tires act as a cushion to protect components like the drivetrain from shocks and bumps so the entire truck lasts longer.
  3. No one wants to file insurance claims. Good tires improve traction and give the operator better control of the forklift when it’s traveling throughout a facility, which helps prevent accidents.

You will decrease worker injuries and increase productivity.

Because forklifts do not have shock absorbers, tires provide the only cushioning from rough and uneven surfaces.

  1. Good tires protect forklift operators from injuries caused by shocks and bumps.
  2. And a smoother ride means less stress on the forklift.
  3. A rough ride is physically and mentally exhausting. Conversely, a smooth ride makes for more alert and productive operators. Binus? Alert operators are better able to avoid accidents.

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Morrison’s forklift tire professionals are happy to advise you on how to evaluate tires for wear, or, even better, provide you with a free Tire Survey so you what you’ve got and can schedule replacement as needed. We will provide you with the best tires for your truck and your operating environment.