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Running out of space?

Are you running out of space in your current warehouse or distribution center? Have you considered moving up?

There are a wide variety of forklifts, reach trucks, stackers, stock pickers, utility trucks and more available – the right equipment for just about any need. And there are many ways to configure and optimize your space. The challenge is finding the optimal configuration for your operation and the equipment that’s best suited to your specific application.

Like all industries, warehousing and distribution are evolving. This article will look at two major trends in warehousing and how storage systems and material handling equipment are responding. These significant trends are focused on maximizing available space as an invaluable commodity for warehouses and distribution centers.

Making the most of space

Moving up

Higher pallet racking configurations can take advantage of the wasted space between rack and ceiling. Extending pallet racking higher to take advantage of that available vertical space is great way to create more available storage space. More levels can be added, but of course, the challenge then becomes accessing these high shelves.

Moving closer

Aisle widths also represent “wasted” space that can be used for more racking, more storage. Reconfiguring racking height and aisle width is better known as “going Narrow Aisle (NA) or Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)”. The resulting denser storage means the facility can handle more products more efficiently—with the right equipment. This is not always the best solution for every facility. For example, because NA and VNA configurations limit you to only one forklift in the aisle at a time, if your pick process relies on two or more forklifts being able to access the aisles, NA/VNA is probably not the ideal solution for your operation. In these instances, there may be other solutions such as adding a mezzanine floor or changing the style of your pallet racking to increase storage space.

Watch the VNA Video
For an in-depth look at NA and VNA, watch this video exploring Narrow Aisle Solutions.

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Maximizing your space is a great way to accommodate growth without moving or buying or leasing more space. As your material handling partner, our Morrison warehouse specialists will work to understand your operation, challenges, and goals, and recommend viable solutions

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