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Narrow and Very Narrow Aisle - Running out of space

Running out of usable pallet storage space?

You need more pallet storage, but you don’t have the budget or real estate needed to increase square footage. When floor space is maxed out, a system that condenses aisle widths to use every inch of available floor space could be the solution you are looking for. Narrow aisle pallet racking systems do precisely that.

Could you (and should you) reconfigure your current warehouse?

The width of your aisles is one of the variables you may be able to work with to increase pallet positions. As illustrated in the video below, pallet positions increase incrementally as aisle widths narrows. These more narrow configurations are referred to as Narrow Aisle (NA) and Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) design.

Video Narrow Aisle Solutions
Watch >> Narrow Aisle Solutions from Morrison

VNA is not always the optimal solution

While moving to NA or VNA can be a great solution for some businesses, it is not necessarily a good fit for every situation. For example, because NA and VNA configurations limit you to only one forklift in the aisle at a time, if your pick process relies on two or more forklifts being able to access the aisles, NA/VNA is probably not the ideal solution for your operation. In these instances, there may be other solutions such as adding a mezzanine floor or changing the style of your pallet racking to increase storage space.

Where NA and VNA are most successful are warehouses seeking the maximum storage capacity per square foot. Operations that rely on case picking, broken case picking, or each picking, use NA and VNA storage design to maximize space. Very narrow aisles typically measure between 5’6” and 6’-wide and increase storage capacity by up to 40-50% when compared to standard aisle widths. That increase is significant for warehouse storage and picking needs.

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