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Narrow and Very Narrow Aisle - Project Proposal Process

VNA Project Proposal Process

As you would imagine, every installation and reconfiguation project is highly customized— designed and built according to individual specifications.

Maximizing your facility’s productivity and efficiency is a complex and highly detailed task. When you collaborate with Morrison’s Warehouse Design team, we look after every detail and keep you in the loop at every step of the project

We will learn your business objectives and goals for the project. During this process, we also call out any meaningful goals you may not have considered. Then, we will compare where you want to be versus where you are and identify the target areas for improvement.

We will account for potential pitfalls along the way such as monitoring your floor’s load capacity, the clear height of your building, and keeping your pallet racking plumb.

Once we have a crystal-clear picture of your individual circumstances, we will review everything with you step-by-step.

You will receive a proposal including a clear, well-designed layout. We won’t move forward until we’ve addressed any questions you have about the game plan. We will create a timetable once we are all up to speed.

Finally, we will schedule your installation team and manage the process until it is complete. We will never “just send some guys” to work on your project. We are a team, and we coordinate as a team. We will finish the job, and make sure you are completely satisfied with the results.

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