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Narrow and Very Narrow Aisle - What is involved?

What is involved in switching from Wide Aisle (WA) to Narrow Aisle (NA) or Very Narrow Aisle(VNA)

There are three main considerations as you think about moving from Wide or Standard aisle widths to Narrow or Very Narrow aisle widths.

Jungheinrich reach truck lifting way up
First, NA and VNA pallet racking configurations will require equipment that can operate in NA/VNA as well as different traffic patterns.

Second, the warehouse floor must be perfectly flat. Because VNA racking is higher than standard racking, any tilt is magnified at the top level and poses serious risk to operator, racking, and product.

Another consideration regarding equipment is that, unless a man up/man down turret truck, such as the Jungheinrich EFX or an articulated truck like the various Flexi models, is being used, you will most likely need an additional forklift truck to load and unload vehicles.

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