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Are lithium-ion (Li-ion) powered forklifts right for your operation?

Jan 01 2023 Batteries Forklift Maintenance 2 Min. Read

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are creating a fundamental change in the material handling industry. The longer runtimes, longer lifespan, fast charge capability, and reduced cost of ownership make adoption of lithium-ion power a clear decision.

Lead acid forklift batteries come with watering hassles and safety concerns, although they’re affordable and well-understood. Li-ion batteries offer benefits that make them more economical over the long haul.

This blog post will explore the benefits of Li-ion batteries.

What’s in a lithium-ion battery?

Within the Li-ion battery there are three metal sheets - a positive and a negative electrode with a separator between them. The electrodes are carbon and lithium-iron-phosphate and are essentially inert.

The electrodes are immersed in a solvent which serves as an electrolyte. The electrolyte is flammable; however, properly sealed batteries are very safe.

Lithium-ion batteries also have on-board management tools like temperature sensors, a voltage tap, a voltage converter and regulator circuit, and a battery charge state monitor.

Benefits of Li-ion forklift batteries


The most significant benefit is experiencing runtime increases of 50% - 100% over similarly rated (amp-hour) lead-acid batteries.

Charging is Faster, Easier

Lithium-ion batteries can charge in as little as an hour, plus they can be opportunity charged during a shift. Li-ion batteries don’t have to be removed from the truck for charging and don’t require a special charging and storage room.

Lifespan is Longer

On average, lithium-ion batteries last nearly twice as long as lead-acid batteries.

Sustained Voltage Output

Lead-acid batteries lose voltage throughout the day which effects productivity. Lithium-ion batteries maintain steady power output throughout the charge. The flat discharge curve and high sustained voltage means equipment runs faster and never gets sluggish.


Lithium-ion batteries don’t emit dangerous gasses and don’t require a dedicated charging room. Also, there’s no danger of acid spills and splashes.

No Maintenance Hassles

Li-ion batteries do not require regular watering and battery changes.

Long-term Cost Efficiency

Because lithium-ion forklift batteries last longer, maintain their power output, don’t require maintenance, and charge faster, they can be a superior choice for many operations.

Morrison - your partner for Li-ion forklift batteries

Batteries power your forklifts and your operation. Finding the most cost-efficient battery type is essential to controlling costs and boosting productivity.

At Morrison, we supply and service batteries for many types of material handling and industrial equipment. Plus, we’re experts at calculating total cost of ownership so you’re certain to get the battery type that fits your operation and your budget.