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Optimizing Your Warehouse Storage: Tips for Streamlining Your Space

Efficient warehouse storage is essential to the success of any business that deals with inventory management

What to consider before changing warehouse storage space

A well-designed storage area can help streamline shipping and production, allowing for optimal use of space and resources. Narrow Aisle or Very Narrow Aisle configurations are popular options for optimizing space usage, but they may not be suitable for every facility.

Before making any changes to your warehouse storage, it is essential to consider your workflow, goals, and safety requirements. This article provides tips on what to consider before redesigning your warehouse storage and highlights how Morrison Warehouse Products can assist with warehouse design services. With careful planning and attention to detail, businesses can create a functional and safe storage space that maximizes efficiency and productivity.

  • Consider your supply chain and other changes that may require adapting to new workflows, incorporating different material handling equipment, and identifying ways to increase output.
  • Analyze your workflow and goals to maximize efficiency when it comes to product location and workflow.
  • Inspect pallet racks before moving them to avoid unsafe situations, as old racking materials may have damage that causes the structure to fail.
  • Keep safety in mind by ensuring your space has clearly marked aisles for equipment and walkways for pedestrians, sturdy pallet racking, good lighting, clear signage, and safety mirrors at corners.
  • Also, design your warehouse to accommodate your material handling equipment and check that your aisle widths work with your equipment.

If you need help with warehouse design, the team at Morrison Warehouse Products can assist. In addition to being forklift experts, their knowledge extends to warehouse design services. They can help plan your optimum warehouse layout, including designing a pallet racking system that maximizes storage density, adding mezzanines to maximize space usage, and creating modular rooms if needed. With their broad range of material handling solutions, you can rely on Morrison for intelligent warehouse design.

Optimizing your warehouse storage is crucial for the smooth operation of your business. Consider the above tips before redesigning your storage space to maximize efficiency, ensure safety, and accommodate your material handling equipment.