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How does equipment downtime affect your business?

Mar 01 2024 Fleet Management 2 Min. Read

There is no upside to downtime. Downtime can have varied negative impacts depending on the industry, especially in areas heavily reliant on material handling equipment like forklifts. See if these line up in your experience:

Manufacturing Industry: In manufacturing, downtime often leads to halted production lines. This not only delays order fulfillment but can also result in significant financial losses. For instance, if a hi-lo or a reach truck is down, it can impede the movement of materials to the production line, causing bottlenecks.

Warehousing and Distribution: In these sectors, downtime can be particularly disruptive. Warehouses rely on a fleet of equipment like order pickers, walkies, and turret trucks to move goods efficiently. If these vehicles face downtime, it can lead to delays in shipping and receiving, affecting the entire supply chain.

Construction and Outdoor Operations: For industries using rough terrain forklifts and other specialized handling equipment, downtime can halt major construction or landscaping projects. This not only affects project timelines but can also increase labor costs as workers may be idle during equipment repairs.

Retail and Supermarkets: In retail, especially large supermarkets, pallet stackers and electric forklifts are essential for stocking shelves and managing inventory. Downtime in these contexts can lead to unstocked shelves, impacting sales and customer satisfaction.

Food and Beverage Industry: This sector often operates on tight schedules to manage perishable goods. Downtime in material handling equipment can lead to spoilage and waste, significantly impacting profitability.

In each of these industries, effective maintenance strategies for handling equipment, such as proactive servicing of IC and/or electric forklifts, can significantly reduce downtime. This improves overall efficiency, ensures smoother operations, and supports the bottom line.

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