Customer Advantage Rate

Advantage, you.


Customer Advantage Rate

Why rent from Morrison?

Advantage, you.

Did you know that when other forklift rental companies use their “28 Day Month Billing” model, you actually get billed an extra 13th invoice each year? But, when you rent monthly from Morrison, we use Full Calendar Month Billing so you get just 12 invoices per year?

Does that one extra invoice matter?

It does if you like keeping your money

Examine how Morrison’s Full Calendar Month Billing benefits you on a 30 day rental from Morrison vs. the “other company”. Wouldn’t you like to see a $206 savings in just one month?

Full Month Calendar Billing

Full Calendar Month Billing vs. 28 Day Month Billing 30 Day Rental @ 28 Day Month Billing Rate $1150 4-Week Rate + $128 Daily Rate + $128 Daily Rate $1406 for 30 day rental 30 Day Rental @ Full Calendar Month Rate $1200 for 30 day rental

Higher vs Lower

How does a higher Weekly Rate beat a lower Weekly Rate? 9 Day Rental @ Weekly Rate $383 $383 one Week + $128 Their Daily Rate + $128 Their Daily Rate $639 for 9 day rental 9 Day Rental @ Weekly Rate $400 $400 one Week + $80 C.A.R. + $80 C.A.R. $560 for 9 day rental

Morrison Math

Using the Morrison Customer Advantage Rate (CAR) for a 9 day rental, we take the weekly rate of $400 divided by 5 days which equals $80/day, then multiply $80 x 9 which equals $560. Simple. Straightforward.

Their Math

For a 9 day rental they take their weekly rate of $383 for 7 days and add their daily rate of $128, twice. Not simple. And not exactly straightforward.

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