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Jungheinrich 24V Heavy-Duty Walkie Stacker EJC B12-B20/EJC 214-220, Capacity: 2,600–4,400 lbs.

The Jungheinrich® EJC Walkie Stacker 2,500-4,400 lb. series are specifically designed for medium to heavy-duty multi-level stacking. Combining a pallet stacker and a walkie stacker to achieve high performance and optimal lift heights, Jungheinrich® builds these lift trucks with solid steel base legs and a strong 0.3” thick chassis.

These walkie straddle stackers and stacker forklifts can accommodate a wide range of pallet and load sizes with excellent durability and strength. Loading and
unloading are made easy with adjustable forks that can handle a variety of lift loads.

The EJC walkie stackers feature lift heights that reach 17 feet with excellent residual capacities and are designed for use in a wide variety of short lift height applications, including stacking palletized loads onto first-level racking.