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Linde 1202 Series IC Pneumatic (SE) Forklifts H20 - H35, 4,500 - 7,000 lb. Capacities


The Linde Series 1202 represents everything that Linde forklift trucks stand for. It is extremely powerful, user-friendly, robust and versatile with the ability to operate in countless applications.

Some of the features in the Linde 1202 Series trucks include a fully enclosed belly pan prevents unwanted dirt and debris from entering the engine area which increases the ability for operation in recycling and paper applications, an automatic acceleration and deceleration that promotes infinite speed control and delivers smoother transitions with speed, and overhead tilt cylinders that ensure the operator is working effectively and safely, increasing residual capacity.

The high periphery view mast aides in the prevention of loading accidents, as well as ensuring outstanding visibility in all directions.

This vehicle offers durability, safety and productivity, resulting in the best solution for your material flow requirements, both now and in the future.