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Supporting a local company focused on community

On Tuesday, January 23, the Morrison Industrial in Holland delivered a donation forklift to People Helping People in Pullman, MI. DJ Neumann delivered the donation truck to Daris De Groot.


People Helping People is a non-profit organization that offers community outreach programs through a faith-based leadership. Since 2010 PHP has been able to offer the community assistance in utilities, food, hygiene items, mattresses, and more. They also offer school aged children support in academics, offer activities for them, field trips, Bible study, and even hot meals. This is all based around the love of Christ, and PHP offers a place to worship or reflect. As it was stated while delivering their forklift, “Not everyone in the area has a church, but they have a Pastor.”

Morrison Industrial in Holland is proud to support a local company focused on community. While we know that People Helping People is appreciative of the donation of a forklift, we are appreciative of the work they are doing and support for the community.