Get the Doosan experience! Model HP28-1 Pallet Jack only $289 delivered within our service area:download details on pdf
Get the Doosan experience! Model HP28-1 Pallet Jack only $289 delivered within our service area:download details on pdf
The Doosan hand pallet truck is consistently reliable. With a load capacity of 5,500 lbs, it is the ideal hand pallet truck for most material handling needs


The Doosan HPT28-1 is an industrial hand pallet truck--built to handle industrial use. You may not need to read every detail about what goes into a building the HPT28-1 pallet jack, but you can see at a glance the attention to detail and quality that makes this one dependable, easy to use manual pallet truck.


Durable Industrial Product

Totally enclosed bearings
Steel drawbar with protected handle for safety and strength
Pivot mounted large polyurethane steer wheels
202° steer handle arc for easy maneuvering in confined spaces
Large polyurethane wheels are quiet & stable

Frame & Forks

Welded steel frame and forks
Heavy reinforcement at high load point areas
Rounded and tapered fork ends
Pallet entry and exit rollers
Easy access to all bearing points.


Heavy duty w/chrome-plated pistons w/overload safety device
Load lowering valve
Easy access to replace and service hydraulic unit

Drawbar and Control Handle

Closed loop design control handle manufactured from steel
Drawbar gives perfect control & protects operator’s hands
Covered handle ensures positive control in all environments
Hydraulic hand control, 3 positions provide precise load control
Control handle allows for easy lowering pumping effort

Pump Unit

Fully enclosed pump seals out dirt and moisture
Chrome-plated ram & piston w/high quality polyurethane seals

Wheels and Bearings

Premium high-quality polyurethane steer and load wheels
All wheels fitted with sealed, lubricated precision bearings


24 months; Hydraulic Pump
18 months: Chassis.
12 months: Axles for all models.
6 months: Wheels and Bearings


Standard truck meets all applicable mandatory requirements of Part II –ASME B56.10 Safety Standard for Manual Industrial Trucks.

Total Savings of $141.80
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Conditions of Warranty

Please do not send defective parts back to us unless you are requested to do. Should you have a warranty related issue, please contact Doosan Parts for additional instruction

For Your Safety

Do not operate or repair the Doosan hand pallet truck unless you have been trained and authorized. Read all warnings and instructions before operating the hand pallet truck.

Do not operate the Doosan hand pallet truck until you have checked its condition. Give special attention to the wheels, handle, forks, lift and lower controls. Do not operate a damaged or faulty truck.

Operate Doosan hand pallet truck only from the designated operating position. Never place any part of your body on the lifting mechanism or under the forks or load.

Do not carry passengers on the hand pallet truck.

Do not handle unstable or loosely stacked loads. Use special care when handling long, high or wide loads to avoid losing the load, striking bystanders, or tipping the truck.

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