What Does Equipment Downtime
Mean to Your Business?

  • Lost production?
  • Overhead costs?
  • Opportunity costs?
  • Stress?

Why You Can Count on MORRISON
To Reduce Equipment Downtime

You need more than a forklift dealer. You need a partner. Providing reliable, timely, professional service to our customers is our priority. It’s not a sideline, it’s our core business. Here are some key components to the business of making sure your material handling equipment keeps your business moving forward:

Minutes Away Service

Since we started in 1953, Minutes Away Service has been Morrison Industrial Equipment’s motto and our approach to getting your equipment up and running as quickly as possible. That's our main reason for establishing full-service offices throughout Michigan and Northern Indiana—to reach customers when they need us.

Live GPS Tracking

We have added LIVE GPS tracking of our service fleet which allows our Service Departments to deploy technicians to the right locations at the right times. For example, if you call with a breakdown on the north end of town and we already have a technician there wrapping up another job, we can dispatch that technician to your location more expediently.

Fully Equipped Service Vehicles

We come prepared! While we can’t predict every repair, each of the Morrison fleet of over 180 service vehicles is equipped with a full line of parts and diagnostic testing equipment necessary to eliminate time-consuming trouble shooting.

NEW! Service Tablet System and Technical Support Team

With our new tablet system, customers sign off on repairs in real time. Customer team members will review the write up of work performed and it will be instantaneously emailed to their team.

We employ two full time technical communicators with a combined 70 years of forklift repair experience. Their job is to manage difficult repairs that inevitably come about. If technicians have not made progress on a repair, they are to stop their timecard and contact a master technician. The tablets allow the technician to video chat, send images, etc. and ensure that we properly diagnose.

Our Professional Team

  • 200+ Professional, certified service technicians
  • 25+ Full time parts professionals
  • 11 Full-service branches

The Morrison SA - Systems Analysis™



The Morrison SA program provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective planned maintenance program available. Fully customized to your application and usage, the SA eliminates over or under maintenance and heads off costly repairs and downtime.

More on Systems Analysis

Total Maintenance and Repair


You can get all the benefits of Systems Analysis for your forklifts and warehouse fleet and, in addition, get all designated repairs for one low guaranteed rate. No spiking maintenance costs. Zero surprises.

Total Maintenance and Repair lets you focus on your core business by completely taking your company out of the lift truck maintenance business. As a result, you reduce payroll and insurance expenses, training of mechanics and maintenance scheduling. You also save on capital in tooling requirements and parts inventories. You know your budget. And you reduce risk.

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Mobile Tire Press


As the largest provider of forklift tires in the Midwest, we understand replacing tires can be a major inconvenience and a disruption to your production. That is why we are happy to bring our method of replacing tires right to your door via one of our Tire Press Trucks.

So, when unplanned tire problems occur, give us a call. A Morrison professional will be taking care of your tire problem on-site, hassle-free, in no time flat.

That's us helping you press on with business!

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