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Bringing Doosan into the Bobcat Brand | Morrison Industrial Equipment

Feb 01 2024 Doosan Bobcat 2 Min. Read

Learn more about the rebranding of Doosan products under the Bobcat brand. Discover how the rebranding will affect products and prices, and what it means for Doosan customers.

Bringing Doosan into the Bobcat Brand

The Doosan brand has announced the exciting news of rebranding under the portfolio of Bobcat. This rebrand raises many questions for Doosan customers; will Doosan products remain the same? How will prices and quality change? Morrison Industrial Equipment is here to guide you through the expected changes of what this rebrand means for Doosan and Bobcat, and how you can remain confident in your equipment rentals and purchases.

Why is Bobcat Taking Over Doosan?

Bobcat, the well-known brand of the compact equipment industry, is now rebranding the Doosan products and offerings under their name. Bobcat has proven to be a strong, leading name brand in the equipment industry, and by adopting Doosan into their profile, they will leverage their brand equity and recognition to create a cohesive customer experience and provide even more solutions through their products.

Doosan is known for its trusted portable power and material handling equipment, making a great fit for the Bobcat brand. This transition for Doosan allows Bobcat customers to get connected and explore what solutions Doosan has to offer through the Bobcat market.

How will the Doosan Products Change?

With this rebrand, the Doosan products will go through some design and aesthetic changes to coordinate with the Bobcat brand. The pricing of all the new Bobcat Doosan products will remain the same as previous Doosan products, so you don’t have to worry about additional expenses. Through this re-brand, the quality of the equipment will remain the same durable and reliable quality that Doosan has always provided and will offer the same products and services.

How to Find the Re-branded Bobcat Equipment

The newly rebranded Doosan (now Bobcat) products can be found through industrial equipment suppliers, such as ourselves, and are located under the Bobcat profile. All of Doosan’s products will become universally Bobcat branded, reaching more customers under the Bobcat network. This transition expands the Bobcat profile with more unique and trusted handling equipment for customers to choose from.

Meet Your Handling Equipment Needs at Morrison

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